Tracking digital footprints

The growing field of computer forensics is not your father's crime tracking. Today's cybercrime sleuths need to be masters of many technologies. We teach you how to recover electronic assets, trace digital footprints and use the Internet as a crime-fighting tool. Our certificate gives you tools you can use in business or law enforcement.

Degree path

Our Computer-Related Crime Investigation Certificate is part of our A.S. Degree in Digital Forensics and Computer Investigations, which transfers to our bachelor's degree in Public Safety Administration.

Careers in computer forensics

Our programs prepare you this career:


Our programs in computer-related crime investigations and digital forensics teach you:

  • Computer research and investigative tools and techniques
  • How to track hackers, pedophiles and internet stalkers
  • How to conduct identity theft and internet fraud investigations
  • How to combat computer software piracy and copyright infringement
  • Legal aspects of computer-related crime investigations

Computer Related Crime Investigation Certificate Curriculum

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