An Education Leader

St. Petersburg College is one of the first regionally accredited colleges in the U.S. to offer an associate in science degree and professional certificate program in Crime Scene Technology.

Start with your Crime Scene Technology Certificate

This certificate program trains you to become a Crime Scene Technician who can locate, identify, process and preserve a crime scene and testify in court. This certificate can be the first step in your education and career in Crime Scene Technology.

Continue with your associate and bachelor's degrees

Our Crime Scene Technology Certificate is part of our A.S. Degree in Crime Scene Technology, which transfers to ourPublic Safety Administration BAS Degree.

Careers in crime scene technology

Our program prepares you to work as a:


With our certificate and A.S. degree in Crime Scene Technology, you learn to:

  • Search a crime scene and gather data
  • Record a crime scene and related evidence
  • Collect and develop evidence
  • Preserve and develop fingerprints
  • Map, measure and log the crime scene
  • Secure a crime scene
  • Present courtroom testimony

Crime Scene Technology Certificate Curriculum

View Crime Scene Technology Certificate curriculum