The Great Algebra Ascent Workshop

11/27 - Exam Review

Embark on The Great Algebra Ascent with us! Join us for an enriching semester-long odyssey as we traverse the intricate slopes of Algebra. Accompanied by skilled mathematical mountaineers, you'll be expertly guided step-by-step through the rugged yet manageable terrain of Algebraic concepts. We'll start by establishing a solid base camp of essential Algebra knowledge and progress towards conquering the summits of advanced equations. 
The journey to profound understanding awaits those daring enough to scale to the pinnacle. Are you ready to ascend to Algebraic greatness? Join us each Monday, from 1-2pm, and let's embark on a collective "climb" up the majestic peaks of Algebra.

Please contact Nicholas Mazza at for any additional information.

For more information, contact: Nicholas Mazza