Spring Term Sessions

St. Petersburg College offers multiple sessions and starting date options during the Spring Term so you can fit your classes around family, work and fun. Our accelerated Winter session starts Dec. 13 and our regular, 8-week and Weekend College classes start in January. And don't forget to take our course formats quiz to match your learning style.

Winter Session

Take advantage of our Winter Session from Dec. 13–Jan 7.

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Regular Full Term

Our traditional 16-week session runs from Jan. 10–May 6.

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First 8-Week Session

Our first 8-week session runs from Jan. 10 to March 4.

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Weekend College

Weekend College sessions meet on weekends from Jan. 14–May 1.

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12-Week Express

Our shorter 12-week Express Session runs from Feb. 7-May 6.

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Second 8-Week Session

Our second 8-Week Spring classes are held from March 14 to May 6.

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