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As we continue to face uncertainties regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, the safety of all Titans remains the highest priority of St. Petersburg College. Implementing safety protocols and requirements, and conducting ourselves in responsible manners as we gradually transition back to campus will be key to the success of our return.

SPC’s Titans Comeback Plan is guided by information from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention that prioritizes the safety of students, faculty, and staff. Other contributing best practices and guidelines include the Florida Governor’s Office, Florida Department of Education, Pinellas County Health Department, Pinellas County Emergency Management and the Division of Florida Colleges.

These guidelines and policies help ensure the health and wellbeing of the entire SPC community and are effective June 1, 2020 through Dec. 31, 2020. The plan will be amended as needed as new information becomes available. Review the PDF of the entire plan and guidelines in English here and in Spanish here.

The overarching guiding principles were used to develop the following guidelines:

  • Safety: Ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of our College community.
  • Stability: Minimizing the financial impact to students and employees.
  • Students: Advancing our student success agenda and keep students learning.
Phased Comeback Timeline

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Protecting Your Health

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Facilities & Cleaning

Facilities & Cleaning

Enhanced cleanings of all common areas and classrooms will be performed throughout the COVID period. Frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, hand rails, elevator push buttons, restrooms, etc., will be cleaned several times throughout the day. Electrostatic disinfecting of all common and classroom areas will also occur every night. Additional cleaning supplies will be available for students and instructors to clean learning spaces before use.

  • All restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected a minimum of twice daily. Employees should use a paper towel to open the door in restrooms after drying hands and place the towel in a trash receptacle next to the door.
  • Drinking fountains at all locations will be taped off and disabled. The water bottle filling capability at these stations will remain available. Individuals are encouraged to fill personal water bottles and/or bring personal beverage.
  • Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems in College offices, rooms and spaces will be operated to provide the best indoor air quality. Preventative and manufacturer recommended maintenance is being conducted College wide on all HVAC systems. Facilities staff will continue to perform routine inspections on HVAC equipment, including filters change outs, and outdoor air damper positioning. Employees should not use fans/heaters of any kind within offices or workspaces.
  • Frequent hand washing is highly encouraged. Liquid sanitation stations will be available at all main entrances. Hand wipes will be stationed in the hallways for use by staff and students. Hand wipes will be located in shared office spaces and areas where face-to-face student services are performed (e.g. advising, career services, tutoring etc.) Please place hand wipes in trash receptacles once used.
  • If a positive case of COVID-19 is identified in a SPC facility, the area will be closed to allow for appropriate cleaning of areas and contact actions will be initiated.
  • Social distancing posters, space indicators and other signage will be displayed in areas throughout the building. Wayfinding signs and floor markers will be strategically placed to encourage social distancing and direct traffic to minimize congregation in areas.
  • Due to frequent use,  we encourage students, faculty and staff to wipe down computer keyboards, mice, and stations, as well as desks or other hard surfaces before using. Adequate levels of cleaning supplies will be provided to be used before and after each use.


  • Avoid using elevators; if you must, limit to two people per ride
  • Keep three steps between you and the next person on stairs
  • If a building has two stairwells one may be designated as “up” and the other “down”
  • Avoid high-touch surfaces, such as buttons and handrails
  • Wash hands or apply hand sanitizer after using
  • Maintain social distancing and wear face coverings
  • Follow all COVID-19 related hygiene tips, such as coughing into your elbow


In an effort to ensure appropriate screening protocols, building entrances may be limited to a single-entry point where possible. To ensure safe egress, building exits will not be limited or closed. In addition, everyone should avoid crowding through doorways and provide acceptable social distancing when entering and exiting buildings and classrooms.

Student Specifics

Student Specifics

All students, guests and partners are asked to complete the COVID-19 symptom checker self-assessment prior to coming into College buildings, and comply with all policies and safety protocols. Those who seek an accommodation or adjustment to any of these policies due to a disability should contact (727)341-4510, or in the case of students seeking accommodations, your campus Accessibility Services Coordinator ( Accessibility Services).


  • A portion of classes from the Fall course schedule will be held on campus, including labs, health care, public safety, and other programs that require hands-on learning, as well as some general education courses where research has shown students are more likely to be successful in a face-to-face format.
  • Other classes will be offered fully online or in our LIVE Online format.
    • Fully online courses are self-paced.
    • LIVE Online courses offer some independent work combined with interactive video conference lessons with professors and fellow students. The SPC LIVE Online set-schedule courses provide all the benefits of face-to-face courses in a live, remote setting without leaving the comfort of your home. Benefits of SPC LIVE Online classes include:
        • Regularly scheduled times to meet virtually with professors and classmates
        • Interactive discussion forums
        • Access to course materials such as videos and PowerPoints
        • Flexibility of scheduling
        • High-quality, guided instruction
          Please note While the SPC LIVE Online courses provide greater flexibility, they are not self-paced.
    • Workspaces, including student classrooms and labs will be adjusted to maintain 6-feet of distance, utilizing a modified seating pattern, rotational seating plan, or other means appropriate based upon overall classroom size.


    • Onsite book returns and pick-ups will be available beginning July 13, 2020 and must be coordinated through Barnes & Noble for bookstore protocols.
    • All events and activities will remain online for summer and fall semesters, or until the time when social distancing recommendations are relaxed.
    • Face-to-face student services will be conducted by appointment only, until it is determined that walk-ins will be accepted. Students are encouraged to take advantage of remote/online students services until that time.
    • Students will not be permitted to bring guests to their appointment due to room capacity limits. Guests may wait outside the designated appointment/service area.
    • Nature’s Table open for to-go food and drinks.


    • Face coverings are required in all SPC buildings.
      • At least one face mask will be made available for all students returning to campus.
      • Guests who may come into contact with SPC employees and students are asked to provide their own disposable or reusable face coverings.
      • Any person not abiding by the face covering requirement may be asked to leave the facility and security may be contacted. Repeated non-compliance with face coverings may be referred to the Associate Provost or appropriate Academic Dean.
    • All students and guests should wash and/or sanitize hands (sanitizer, soap and/or wipes will be made available) upon entering and exiting the building and throughout their time on campus.
    Employee Specifics

    All employees are asked to complete a COVID-19 symptom checker self-assessment prior to coming into College buildings and comply with all policies and safety protocols. Employees who seek a workplace accommodation to work from home due to a high-risk medical condition, or any other type of workplace accommodation due to a disability, should contact their supervisor and coordinate the request through HR Benefits.


    • As possible, employees will, with the approval of their supervisors, balance working from College locations and continuing to work from home. Teleworking arrangements may be subject to SPC’s Teleworking Policy.
    • Supervisors may, at their discretion, require some or all of their staff to return to a College location completely or on a reduced or intermittent schedule, provided all social distancing and other requirements outlined within this return plan are established and maintained.
    • Employees desiring to enter SPC locations outside of normal operating hours and on weekends must coordinate with your supervisor and receive Provost approval in writing at least 48 hours prior to your arrival time, in addition to the completion of the symptom self-assessment.


    • Face coverings are required in all SPC buildings.
      • One face covering will be provided by the College for all employees upon return to work. Employees are asked to please help defer expenses by providing any additional face coverings necessary beyond the first one supplied.
      • If any accommodation regarding the face covering requirement is necessary, please first coordinate with your supervisor.
      • For employees not in compliance, any escalations will be addressed by the supervisor.
    • Employees must wash and/or sanitize hands (sanitizer, soap and/or wipes will be made available) upon entering and exiting the building and throughout the day.
    • Employees may use communal equipment, such as refrigerators, coffee pots, printers. Sanitation wipes will be made available across campus sites for personal disinfection ahead of use. No food consumption in these spaces will be allowed.
    • Plexiglass barriers will be provided where 6-foot distance can’t be accomplished for front-line staff where the primary function is greeting, routing, or providing face-toface services to students and guests.


    • Whenever possible, in-person meetings should be replaced with virtual meetings. Essential in-person meetings should be limited to employees only and wearing of face coverings and social distancing should be maintained. The standard room capacity for meeting rooms and personal offices will be reduced to ensure at least 6-feet of space between all participants.
    • Signs will be posted to communicate new capacity. When possible, tables and chairs will be marked or moved to support proper social distance. Cleaning supplies will be available to disinfect work surfaces or frequently touched areas. Meeting times should be held to a minimum to accomplish the meeting objectives. Employees should not linger and socialize after essential meetings.
    • There should be no serving of food at any meetings or gatherings. Meeting attendees should clean and disinfect all table surfaces, chairs, and computer equipment at the conclusion of each meeting. Cleaning supplies will be available in the meeting space.


    All essential work-related travel outside of in-district, regardless of transportation mode, must be pre-approved by the employee’s respective Cabinet member. Employees should not carpool with other employees, or those outside of their immediate household in College or personal vehicles.

    Employees taking personal travel should adhere to CDC and local health department guidelines regarding isolation after travel. Please communicate travel to/from CDC high risk areas with your supervisor.

    Travel guidelines can be found on the CDC website.

    Reporting COVID-19 or Flu-Like Symptoms

    Reporting COVID-19 or Flu-Like Symptoms

    Contact tracing and mitigation efforts are critical to ensuring the safety of all Titans. Anyone suspecting or has confirmed they may have COVID-19, or may have come into contact with someone who suspects or has confirmed COVID-19, should contact SPC Emergency Management immediately at 727-341-4501 or EmergencyManagement@ spcollege.edu.

    In addition, completing the symptom checker self-assessment each day before you arrive for work or classes, is critical in ensuring that we are able to effectively contract trace.

    If you have experienced any COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms within the last 72 hours, DO NOT come to campus. You may return to campus according to the guidelines provided in the CDC return criteria.

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    Legal and Medical Disclaimer: The information contained in this document does not constitute legal or medical advice.