At SPC, we offer many ways to manage your education with our online tools.

MySPC: SPC's Student Information Center

Apply to SPC. Register for classes. Manage your financial aid. Check your student email. Build your individual learning plan and chart your progress.

MyCourses: Your Virtual Classroom

my courses logoCheck your class assignments. Discuss class topics with other students. Email your instructor. Take quizzes and tests and submit papers and assignments. Login to Single Sign On

Course and Program Descriptions

Find course and program details for all academic offerings at SPC. From here, you can search for programs and courses and view and print the full curriculum for each program, including contact information, course requirements, the recommended Academic Pathway and admission rules if they apply.

My Learning Plan: Your Roadmap to Graduation

Your individualized learning plan guides you through your degree path and helps you know which classes to take, and when.

Before you start
Since your plan will be based on your chosen degree, make sure it is correct before you start. If you are not listed as a degree-seeking student or your degree is not correct, please login to MySPC to review outstanding items in your To Do List or contact an advisor for assistance. If you are not sure what degree or career to choose, visit Career Services.

Step 1 - Choose classes required for your degree
If you have already completed your Learning Plan, you can skip this step. If not, print these step-by-step instructions. If you still need help, contact your advisor.

Step 2 - Add classes from your plan to the term you want to take them
This section guides you through how to review prerequisites, search for electives if required and move classes into terms in the right order. Print these step-by-step instructions. If you still need help, contact your advisor.

NOTEMy Learning Plan should not be used for a final graduation check. Please visit with your academic advisor to determine if you are ready to graduate. The Advisement Report in MySPC may also help you identify missing requirements.