Teachers who continue to expand their knowledge and professional skills are better equipped to serve their students, make themselves more marketable and increase their earning potential. SPC offers a variety of continuing education opportunities for teachers.

Autism Endorsement

SPC offers three sets of online courses totaling 12 credits that meet the requirements for the Florida Department of Education's Autism Endorsement. To receive this endorsement, you must have a Florida Exceptional Student Certificate first. 

Courses include:

  • EEX 4094 and EEX 4941 offered in Summer and Fall
  • EEX 4291 and EEX 4942 offered in Fall and Spring
  • EEX 4761 and EEX 4943 offered in Spring and Summer

Career and Technical District Certification

We offer four online courses that meet district vocational education certification requirements. Vocational-technical instructors in areas like automotive, health occupations, cosmetology or public service must take four Career and Technical Education courses within a three-year period to gain or maintain district certification. Courses include:

ECT 4183 and ECT 4562 are offered in the Fall
ECT 4004 is offered in the Summer
ECT 4365 is offered in the Spring

How to Enroll in Continuing Education Courses

  1. Apply to SPC online and receive your student ID.
    For the Autism Endorsement, the program/student plan is DG-NO--Upper Division Non Degree, then choose Autism-Non Degree.
    For the Career and Technical District Certification, the program/student plan is DG-NO--Upper Division Non Degree, Industrial/Technical -Non Degree.
    You must include all Florida residency information and documentation and pay the application fee or your application may not be processed.
  2. Scan/email a copy of your Educator Certificate or DOE number to Marilynn Cirri at cirri.marilynn@spcollege.edu or fax 727-324-2090.
  3. Email your SPC student ID number to Marilynn Cirri at cirri.marilynn@spcollege.edu for registration access. Students who complete these steps will receive directions to enroll.

Students enrolled in Secondary ESE, Autism Endorsement or Career and Technical District Certification courses are classified as non-degree; however, courses are graded/for credit and will be reflected on an official SPC transcript.

For more information, contact Marilynn Cirri at 727-791-5968 or by email at cirri.marilynn@spcollege.edu.