Mechatronics Training

St. Petersburg College is offering free or low-cost Mechatronics Electromechanical Technician Training (METT) in a hybrid format through a grant from the State of Florida's Department of Economic Opportunity. The METT grant offers nine courses at SPC's Workforce Institute and two additional courses at Pinellas Technical College.

What is mechatronics?

Mechatronics, also known as advanced manufacturing, is a multi-skilled field that combines electronics and mechanical components with modern controls and microprocessors. Mechatronics has applications for a wide range of manufacturing industries like aerospace, automotive, medical, material processing, consumer products, defense systems, and other industries that rely on automation. This training program provides a blend of technical and manufacturing skills to support the world of automation, equipping maintenance and technical professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to troubleshoot plant floor issues.

Up to Three Free Classes

The manufacturing industry is in need of trained advanced manufacturing technicians. Through this grant, you can take three manufacturing classes for FREE (excluding courses offered through Pinellas Technical College, GIS, drone and Six Sigma).

Mechatronics Pathways

mechatronics pathways

Download our Mechatronics Pathways information.

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METT courses are available to anyone 18 and older. No prior experience or training necessary. Each participant is required to complete a proctored pre-assessment prior to enrolling in the program.

  1. Complete our interest survey
  2. Sign up for a pre-assessment/information session.
  3. Complete a course program outline with the grant management department at your pre-assessment meeting.
  4. Obtain a student registration code.
  5. Enroll in your course; one course at a time. You will receive your course code from your instructor by email
  6. Register for an optional certification exam if you choose.

Courses offered through Pinellas Technical College (Please contact PTC to obtain the cost.)

Machining and Metal Forming

Courses offered through SPC's Workforce Institute

Download our Mechatronics Pathways information.

Fluid Power and Electrohydraulics/Pneumatics: AMT 101
Covers principals of fluid power, calculations of physical properties of fluids, troubleshooting fluid power components and systems with an emphasis on safety. Explains how to use control valves, pumps, actuators, accumulators, reservoirs, fluids, filters, hose, piping, tubing, and preventive and predictive maintenance techniques.

General PM and Predictive Maintenance: AMT 102
Activities include how to check for wear and tear, replacing components to avoid breakdown, lubricating, cleaning, and testing to keep equipment optimized for efficiency and accuracy.

PLC (Allen-Bradley): AMT 103
Overview of Allen-Bradley PLCs system architectures, basic numbering systems, computer terminology, industrial communications. Learn about wiring and configurations of I/O modules, ladder logic programming, function block programming, etc.

Blueprint Reading/Schematics: AMT 104
Read, manipulate, and understand a mechanical part print. ecognize, identify, describe, and relate the components used in schematics and symbols.

Robotics: AMT 105
Introduces basic components, types of robots, safety, programming, and integrating PLC with robot applications. Covers robot maintenance, preventative maintenance, and troubleshooting robots using error codes. Explains different electrical measurement instruments with safe measuring techniques emphasized. Various circuits as well as combinational and sequential ladder logic designs are examined.

Controls & Instrumentation: AMT 106
Teaches how to troubleshoot/replace/install circuit boards, sensors, and photoeyes. Shows how loop tuning will assure quality standards, what different modes of control have on maintaining process quality. Become proficient in troubleshooting motors and variable speed drives, interpreting relay logic, interpreting relay logic and sizing of components for various applications.

Basic Electricity & Electronics: AMT 107
Introduces various elements of basic electricity such as the identification of electrical symbols as well as interpretation of schematics, cross referencing prints, tracing circuits, interpreting charts.

Mechanical Systems/Mechanical Drives/Power Transmissions: AMT 108
A mechanical system consists of a combination of components that function together to perform work and motion. Mechanical drive systems may also change the size, direction, and speed of the applied force. Covers power transmission, calculation of speed and force, mechanical drawing, safe work practices, common hand tools. Learn about flexible chain drives, how to install, align, and maintain shaft couplings. Introduces the various components of the mechanical systems such as bearing, shafts, seals, brakes, clutches, gears, and cams.

Safety: AMT 109
Introduces OSHA and the OSHA regulations that apply to the advanced manufacturing industry.

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Sponsored by St. Petersburg College and the State of Florida, Department of Economic Opportunity. Florida Job Growth Workforce Training Grant (#G0010)