Documenting a Disability

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Students who need accommodations must submit appropriate documentation of a disability. Since arranging services can take time, we ask that you make your requests far enough in advance so that we can best serve you. Appropriate documentation is listed below.

Physical impairments
Students with physical or other health impairments must provide written documentation in the form of medical reports or a letter from a physician detailing the specific diagnosis.

Specific Learning Disability
Students with a specific learning disability (SLD) must provide a psychologist's report with qualifying cognitive and processing standardized test scores taken within the past three to five years and a diagnosis of a learning disorder. The report can be from a licensed school or private psychologist.

ADD/ADHD and psychological, emotional, or psychiatric disorders
Students must provide a letter or report less than three years old detailing the specific diagnosis from a qualified psychologist, psychiatrist or other M.D.

Students with a hearing disability must provide an audiogram indicating their level of hearing loss.

We respect your privacy

Confidentiality of student records is maintained within Accessibility Services and is required by law. Accessibility Services may not disclose the specific nature of a student's disability unless the student has granted written permission to do so.