Our Veterans Service Centers offer

  • Answers to questions about the GI Bill and veterans educational benefits
  • Information and guidance about entitlements, filing claims to the VA, certifying enrollments at the college and maintaining satisfactory course pursuit
  • Assistance in signing 90-day VA deferment to finalize payment for SPC enrollment fees
  • Free use of computers
  • Opportunities to socialize with other student veterans
  • Information about SPC campus life

Our single contact number is 727-341-7990. Our specialists on four campuses look forward to working directly with you as you navigate SPC.

Clearwater Campus​

Jessica Stephens
Veterans Services Student Support Advisor

Jessica joined SPC Veteran  Services in July of 2017. She has been an educator for 18 years with a background in organizational training, secondary classroom teaching and post-secondary student advisory services. Born and raised in Maryland to military parents, Jessica enjoys helping our veteran students pursue their academic goals. Jessica graduated from Union College in New York and earned her MA in Teaching from Simmons College in Boston.

Student Office

Seminole Campus​

UP 179 A​

Student Office​
UP 179​

St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus​


Student Office

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