SAP Minimum Cumulative Financial Aid GPA

You must maintain a minimum cumulative Financial Aid Program GPA of 2.0 in order to maintain financial assistance eligibility. If your Financial Aid Program GPA falls below 2.0, then you are not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Your Financial Aid Program GPA will be the same Program GPA that is used for Academic Standing purposes.

The minimum cumulative Financial Aid GPA calculation includes the following coursework:

  1. Courses with highest grades that satisfy general education requirements for the specific program*
  2. Courses with the highest grades that satisfy AS, BS and CERT requirements in the plan and/or subplan*
  3. Elective courses (if applicable) with highest grades up to the number of credit hours required for the program (example:  AA requires 24 electives)*
  4. Remedial courses (highest grade/most recent term)
  5. Select college-level courses*
  • MAT 1033
  • MAT 1033L
  • MAT 1100
  • SLS 1101
  • SLS 1126
  • EAP 1500
  • EAP 1695

*Only the most recent attempt of repeated college-level coursework is counted. Grades of A, B, C, D, F, and WF are included in the Financial Aid Program GPA. Grades of W, X, I, and P are not included in the Financial Aid Program GPA.

Wondering about your GPA?

Use this GPA Calculator to make sure you meet financial aid SAP requirements. You are leaving the SPC website to access this calculator.