View your SAP Status

  • Login to MySPC and choose Financial Aid Status under My Financial Aid.
  • Choose the year you wish to view.
  • Check the Satisfactory Academic Progress Summary box to review your SAP status. For detailed information, choose the SAP Details/Components link. See a detailed screen shot of SAP Details/Components.

SAP appeals

If you have submitted an appeal, you can check the status in your To Do List. If you do not have a FAFSA on file for the term in which you are appealing, you will not be able to see your To Do List and you will not be sent notifications by SPC student email.

  • Initiated - your appeal has not been submitted
  • Received - your appeal has been received by Financial Aid and will be reviewed
  • Returned - your appeal has been reviewed; however, additional documentation is required
  • Completed - a decision has been made on your appeal and you will be notified by SPC student email.

If the SAP Appeal Checklist Item has disappeared from your To Do List, the decision has been made and you will be notified by SPC student email.

Communication summary 

The Financial Aid status feature also provides a summary of all communications from SPC Financial Assistance Services.

SAP Status Definitions

  1. Not determined (Undetermined)
    Satisfactory Academic Progress has not been calculated at this time. You must be a degree seeking student for SAP to be determined.
  2. Meets SAP
    You are currently meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress in all three areas: Minimum Cumulative Financial Aid Program GPA, Completion Ratio (Pace) and Maximum Time Frame. You are eligible to receive aid for the term selected, unless there are other eligibility requirements you do not meet.
  3. Warning
    You will be placed on Warning the very first-time you do not meet any one of the three SAP requirements OR the first time after getting back in good standing. You will continue to be eligible for financial aid for one term only unless there are other eligibility requirements you do not meet. There is no limit to the number of times you can be placed in this status.
  4. Suspended (Not Meet)
    You are placed on Financial Aid Suspension when you fail to meet any of the requirements for the second consecutive time or more. This status is also for any student who has failed to meet the requirements of their assigned Student Success Plan. A student in this status is not eligible for financial aid. The student may submit a written appeal.
  5. Probation (Academic Plan)
    You are placed on Financial Aid Probation after submitting a written SAP appeal and the appeal has been approved. As a result, you must adhere to the requirements of the individualized financial aid Student Success Plan you agreed to with your Academic Advisor in order to continue receiving financial aid. The individualized  Student Success Plan will be reviewed at the end of each term. If you do not adhere to the Plan or are not maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress by the end of the next term, you will be placed on Financial Aid Suspension. No other appeals will be accepted unless specific circumstances exist.