florida prepaid

The Florida Prepaid College Program

To provide Florida families with an affordable means to save for their children's future college education, the Florida Legislature created the Florida Prepaid College Program in 1987. Since then, Florida Prepaid has helped more than one million families save for college. The program offers two types of 529 plans that allow you to prepare for college - Prepaid and Savings. You can choose one or both. Both types of Plans work great alongside scholarships. Get answers to your questions about using your Prepaid and/or Savings Plans here.

SPC will automatically apply Florida Prepaid one week before your due date. There will still be a balance due since prepaid does not cover some fees. If you do not wish to use your prepaid please send an email to prepaid@spcollege.edu requesting that your prepaid be removed. The email needs to be sent each term you do not wish to use prepaid.

Note: if you pay your tuition prior to prepaid applying automatically, prepaid will not apply. In that case you will need to send a request to the above address to have your prepaid applied.


If you have any questions, email the Business Office at prepaid@spcollege.edu.

Release of Confidential Information from Student Record

Students must complete the Release of Confidential Information from Student Record to authorize the release of the St. Petersburg College record to an individual or agency not covered under federal privacy laws.