Find out all you need to know about receiving financial aid at SPC.

Accept, Reduce or Decline Awards

The first step to receive financial aid at SPC is to accept, reduce or decline your financial aid awards.

Conditions of Financial Assistance

SPC requires you abide by certain conditions in order to receive financial aid.

Last Date to Drop with a Refund

Find out the last date you can drop a class without being responsible for the cost of tuition.

BankMobile Disbursements

Financial Aid Refunds are sent to your BankMobile Disbursements selected refund preference by the Business Office.

SPC Tuition Refunds

To receive 100 percent of refundable tuition fees, you need to drop your class by the Last Day to Drop with a Refund.

Financial Aid Refunds

Financial aid refunds occur when the amount of financial aid disbursements received on your behalf is greater than the amount owed for tuition, fees, and the Book Line of Credit.

Financial Aid Refund Dates

The Business Office sends your financial aid refunds to your selected refund preference. See the dates for refunds by semester.

Paying for Textbooks

SPC offers many ways to pay for your textbooks at SPC, including the Book Line of Credit and a textbook credit to students who pay their tuition by a certain date.