St. Petersburg College Alumni Network Hosts Successful First-Time Home Ownership Workshop


Madison MacGeorge speaks from the podium at the First-Time Home Ownership Workshop

The St. Petersburg College (SPC) Alumni Network recently hosted a highly successful First-Time Home Ownership Workshop, marking a significant event in the newly established Circle of Learning Series. This workshop, held on May 23, 2024, aimed to empower alumni with essential knowledge and practical tips for navigating the complex process of buying their first home.

The workshop was facilitated by two distinguished professionals in the real estate and mortgage industry: Madison MacGeorge, a realtor for Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, and Mike Helinger, a mortgage broker for Island Mortgage, Inc. Their combined expertise provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the home buying process, from initial considerations to closing the deal.

Madison MacGeorge, with years of experience in the real estate market, shared invaluable insights on choosing the right property, understanding market trends, and negotiating effectively. Her engaging presentation covered key topics such as evaluating property value, recognizing the importance of location, preparing for an inspection and what to expect during the closing process.

Mike Helinger, a seasoned mortgage broker, complemented MacGeorge’s advice by demystifying the financial side of home buying. He explained various mortgage options, discussed the importance of credit scores, provided strategies for securing the best loan rates and where to find loan assistance programs. Helinger’s practical tips on managing finances and understanding mortgage terms were particularly beneficial for those new to the housing market.

The First-Time Home Ownership Workshop is part of the Circle of Learning Series, a new initiative by the SPC Alumni Network designed to foster peer-to-peer learning among alumni. This program aims to leverage the diverse skills and experiences within the alumni community, offering workshops, seminars, and networking events on various topics of interest.

Attendees of the workshop praised the event for its informative content and the opportunity to engage with industry professionals. “This workshop was incredibly helpful.” said Alissa Horner an SPC alumna who recently began her home search. “The insights from Madison and Mike made me feel much more confident about the process. I now have a clear plan and know what steps to take next.”

The Circle of Learning Series continues to grow, with upcoming workshops planned on topics ranging from financial planning to career development. These events reflect the SPC Alumni Network’s commitment to supporting lifelong learning and professional growth among its members.

The success of the First-Time Home Ownership Workshop underscores the value of the Circle of Learning Series and the strength of the SPC alumni community. By providing valuable educational opportunities and fostering connections, the SPC Alumni Network continues to enhance the personal and professional lives of its members.

For more information about the Circle of Learning Series and other alumni events, please visit the SPC Alumni Network or contact the SPC Alumni Network Program Office at (727) 341-3126.

Stay tuned for future workshops and join us as we continue to learn, grow and succeed together.