Accessibility Services Contacts

Accessibility Services Coordinators Phone Campus
Jeff Zeigler 727-791-2710 Clearwater Campus
Ray Hollowell 727-341-4316 St. Petersburg/Gibbs
Dr. Tonya (TJ) Williams  727-341-7913 EpiCenter, Downtown/Midtown
J. Elizabeth Shumate NeSmith 727-712-5789 Tarpon Springs
Stefanie Silvers  727-341-3721 Health Education Center and VetTech
Kelli Mitchell  727-394-6289 (TTY) Seminole Campus

Accessibility Services Staff Title Location Phone
Stephanie Wyatt Manager Captionist/Sign Language Interpreter Clearwater 727-791-5942
Chrystal Blackburn Captionist/Senior Interpreter Clearwater 727-614-7047
Joyce Gambacurta Captionist/Senior Interpreter Clearwater 727-791-2422
Mary Deschamps Accessibility Technician Clearwater 727-341-3371
Regina Miller Sr Tech Support Specialist Clearwater 727-341-3146
Travis Dimick Technology Support Specialist St. Pete/Gibbs 727-341-3029
Rita Ajazi Sr Administrative Svcs Assist EpiCenter 727-341-4510
Misty Kemp Executive Director of Retention Services EpiCenter 727-614-7056