Career Service Employee Council Steering Committee Mission Statement

The St. Petersburg College Career Service Employee Council (CSEC) Steering Committee represents all SPC Career Service Employees and supports the College’s mission with emphasis on the Career Service Employee (CSE) role in providing the highest quality learning experience for SPC students. The CSEC Steering Committee promotes communication, trust, and integrity within a diverse community of staff. The CSEC Steering Committee provides leadership to facilitate CSE interests, concerns, and ideas to and from the CSEC to College administration. In so doing, the CSEC Steering Committee leads, assists, and advises in decisions and solutions that affect the employee experience, job mobility, growth, and employment overall success.

About CSEC

The Career Service Employee Council (CSEC) was created in 2011 with the goal of representing all Career Service Employees (CSE) while supporting the College’s mission. The Steering Committee is comprised of three representatives from each campus. Representatives are nominated biennially to represent Career Service Employees in each of three service areas: Administrative Support, Facilities Support, Student Support. These representatives serve to communicate information between Career Service Employees and the Executive teams of the college; to recognize and reward outstanding employee and retiree achievement at the college and within the community; and to improve the lives and jobs of all of the college’s Career Service Employees.

Visit the CSEC Steering Committee SharePoint page to learn more about the Steering Committee’s many achievements, initiatives, and how you can get involved!

CSEC Steering Committee meetings are open to all Career Service Employees. Please see our 2019-20 meeting schedule.

CSEC Executive Board

  • Kimberly R. Williams, Executive Board - Interim Chair/Vice Chair

CSEC Steering Committee Leaders & Campus Representatives

  • Dwayne Sharpe, CL - Administrative Support
  • Danery Pacheco, CL - Student Support
  • Tiffany Warren DT/MT/PAL - Student Support
  • Thomas Gregory, EPI/DO - Facilities Support
  • Lisa Lordahl, HEC/VT - Student Support
  • Wendy Theocharakis, HEC/VT - Facilities Support
  • Patrick Filson, SE -Facilities Support
  • Francine Fuentes, SPG - Administrative Support
  • Russel Oriol, SPG - Student Support
  • Robert Romain, TS - Facilities Support