SPC Alert

When an emergency poses a potential threat to life and safety, the college will issue timely warnings (Clery reportable crimes) and/or emergency notifications to students and employees. The college's main website at www.spcollege.edu is the official source of college information regarding the status of the institution.

To help you stay informed, SPC can call or text you about campus safety warnings, campus closings, weather notifications, key deadlines and other important information. In an emergency, the college calls your home phone number as your primary contact. You can change your primary phone from your home phone number to your cell phone number in MySPC.

Our Emergency Preparedness blog gives you the latest alerts as well as detailed instructions on how to:

  • Choose to receive text messages for alerts.
  • Verify your home phone number.
  • Add your cell phone number as the primary contact.

You can also download information about Emergency Notifications and Protocols here.