This page provides information about St. Petersburg College's Emergency Management Plan. The plan outlines a comprehensive and coordinated approach to emergency preparedness and response as recommended by the Gubernatorial Task Force for Campus Safety.

Emergency Alerts
When an emergency poses a potential threat to life and safety, the college will broadcast emergency notifications to students, faculty and staff through SPC Alert. Learn more about SPC's Emergency Alert System.

Emergency Response Guide
This quick reference guide is posted in classrooms, offices and online to educate students and employees about how to respond in emergencies like injury or sudden illness, evacuation, fire or explosion, hazardous materials spill, bomb threat, suspicious mail, hostile persons, weather emergencies and more. View the Emergency Response Guide.

Incident Command System
SPC's Incident Command System is a standardized, on-scene, all-hazard incident management system developed to protect lives and property.

Threat Assessment
In an effort to prevent targeted violence, SPC's threat assessment procedures educate students about early warning signs, providing sample scenarios and information on how to report suspicious behavior. Login to MySPC to view Shots Fired Video.

Weather Emergencies
Weather advisories and emergencies are common in Florida. While the Emergency Response Guide that is posted in classrooms, offices and online gives instructions on what to do in case of a weather emergency, our Emergency Preparedness blog provides updated status on a variety of emergency situations.

For Employees
Emergency Management Plan
A comprehensive, all-hazards plan which establishes the framework by which the college will respond to emergencies and disasters. The SPC Emergency Management Plan is located on the One College SharePoint site and is accessible after you log in.

Overview of SPC Emergency Management Plan and ICS System for Faculty and Staff
required video training for faculty and staff with an emphasis on the Incident Command System. Login to MyCourses with SPC user ID and password.