Employers in manufacturing, information technology, healthcare, construction and trades across Florida have jobs they need to fill. So SPC has teamed up with two other Florida colleges through a $5 million federal grant to establish an apprenticeship program that benefits both employers and employees.

The five-year Florida Apprenticeship Grant was awarded by the Department of Labor to Florida State College of Jacksonville, St. Petersburg College and Broward College. The program aims to fill jobs in manufacturing, information technology, healthcare, and construction and trades and to serve 1,000 new apprentices through structured training programs that mix on-the-job training with related classroom instruction.

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Why an Apprenticeship?

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Nationwide, there are more than 505,000 apprentices currently obtaining the skills they need to succeed while earning the wages they need to build financial security.

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"This is a truly inclusive program that will help workers attain the critical on-the-job training needed to bolster the American workforce in the growing global economy."

Mike Meidel, Director of Pinellas County Economic Development

Why was the grant awarded?

According to a needs analysis, the biggest skills gaps identified by employers were technical skills, followed by a lack of soft skills, such as work ethic, communication and leadership. As Florida's workforce continues to age faster than the rest of the nation, long-term workforce trends indicate both the public and private sectors will face a devastating loss of leadership, experience, skills and institutional knowledge.