Check your residency status

If you already have applied to SPC, login to MySPC and review the Academic Status section of Your Student Center to view your residency status. NOTE: If the documents you provided to prove residency cannot be verified, your residency status may change.

Change your residency status

If your residency status changes or you now have the documents to prove Florida residency you can apply to change your status.

  1. Gather the appropriate documents based on when you last attended SPC
    • If you have not attended SPC in three or more terms, you will need to provide two documents from the residency document list.
    • If you have attended SPC and paid out-of-state fees one or more terms within the last year, you will be required to provide a minimum of three documents from the residency document list. At least one of the documents must be a Primary document. No single piece of documentation is considered conclusive and some documents are more persuasive than others. The absence of contradictory information (for example, legal ties to another state) will be considered when making determinations of residency reclassification.
  2. Submit a Residency Affidavit with supporting documents to the admissions/registration office on your campus before the first day of classes to qualify for the lowest tuition rate. If documents are submitted after the deadline for the current term, the earliest your status can be updated is the next term. The form and documents can also be faxed to 727-341-7143. Please use our FAX cover sheet and be sure that your name and student ID# are included on every page faxed.

Appeal your Residency Status

The admissions and registration staff at your home campus will assist you with submitting the required documentation to prove residency for tuition purposes. However, all documentation must be submitted before the first day of the term in order to be considered for that term.

After the deadline for submitting required residency documents has passed, the earliest you will be considered for reclassification is the subsequent term.

However, if you feel that there are extenuating circumstances that have not been considered, you may appeal the residency determination to the Collegewide Residency Appeals Committee. Staff members at the campus will provide information as to how to submit a residency appeal using this process.