Studio ARTS classes

Students in our studio arts classes enjoy state-of-the-art facilities, experienced and talented instructors and a strong foundation in their crafts. If you are interested in touring our facilities, please email Jonathan Barnes

Visual Arts Programs

As an SPC visual arts student, you can express yourself in a variety of traditional and contemporary art forms, including ceramics, design, drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. Our visual arts faculty are skilled educators and respected professional artists who are active participants in the local and national arts community. Committed to educational excellence, faculty members strive to nurture students' advancement as self-reliant, creative individuals and prepare them for a future in visual arts. Extensive facilities for these programs are located on the Clearwater Campus.


Ceramics courses at SPC introduce hand building and wheel throwing techniques along with the history of ceramics. Experienced professors teach you how to design, build, glaze and fire objects made from clay. Our Ceramics studio, located at the Clearwater Campus, is equipped with 20 potters wheels, four Skutt electric kilns, one Fredrickson front loading electric kiln, two Geil gas kilns, one soda kiln, a Brent Slab Roller, a Soldner clay mixer, a Peter Pugger pugmill, a glaze formulation lab and large hand building tables.


SPC's Fine Arts department offers two- and three-dimensional design foundations classes. These classes are the foundations course for developing knowledge and perception of the principles of art and design. Our two- dimensional design studio is equipped with 13 Apple computers, light tables, drafting tables, Graphtec vinyl plotters and a color laser printer. Our three- dimensional design studio is equipped with a variety of stationary and hand held power tools, hand tools, 3D printers, a laser engraver, two CNC routers and more.


SPC’s Drawing classes introduce students to the basic drawing skills, concepts and process through a structured learning process by using a variety of media. Drawing 2 focuses on ideals and techniques as they pertain to the depiction of the human figure and organic form.


Painting is an introduction to the materials, techniques and concepts of painting through a structured learning situation. In this course, students learn additive and subtractive painting techniques, as well as the manipulation of paint to produce the illusion of light, form and space.


Our photography classes let you explore the craft and expressive nature of photography. You can perfect the technical aspects of digital production methods through the digital photography subplan of our Digital Media Associate in Science degree. Our photographic facilities include a professional shooting studio, color processing area, 20-station digital studio, medium to large format industry-standard printers and private labs for students.


Printmaking is an exploration of figure/ground theory as related to two- dimensional visual design and image making. Printmaking at SPC introduces students to the basic nature of the medium, both in a historical and conceptual context. Multiple print mediums are explored in the semester, such as relief printing, monoprints, intaglio and screen printing. Our printmaking studio is equipped with two Conrad Etching presses, one Blick proofing press, large work tables, a photo exposure unit for photo silk screen and more.

Studio Arts Degrees