Earn your A.A. and Bachelor's degrees at SPC

Our American Sign Language Studies A.A. transfer plan prepares you for the Educational Interpreting subplan within the Bachelor of Science Degree in Educational Studies and Community Leadership at SPC. A bachelor's degree in any area is required to become a certified interpreter through the national Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, making SPC's program ideal if you want to pursue an interpreting career.

Professional, certified faculty

SPC instructors are certified by the American Sign Language Teachers Association (ASLTA) and/or the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID).


The passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act has increased the need for skilled, qualified interpreters for the Deaf. Salaries vary based on certification level, competency, experience, location and employer. The Tampa Bay area has the fifth largest Deaf population in the country. Certified Interpreters are hired to work for business, education, community organizations, medical facilities, government, law enforcement and more.

American Sign Language Studies Transfer Plan

Effective Beginning Catalog Term: Fall 2024 (640)

The requirements shown below are valid beginning Fall 2024 (640), and may not reflect degree requirements for current students. Current students should visit My SPC and view My Learning Plan to see specific degree requirements for their effective term.

Program Summary

The following requirements are intended for students interested in completing an Associate in Arts (GEN-AA) Degree from SPC and will be transferring to American Sign Language Studies subplan within the Bachelor of Science in Educational Studies and Community Leadership (EDST-BS) Degree program at SPC (CIP Code 1101399991). Students transferring to the American Sign Language Studies (SLIP) subplan within the EDST-BS program at St. Petersburg College must complete the designated lower division support courses in American Sign Language (ASL). You should always consult with your desired transfer institution to determine if your anticipated program is limited access and to ensure the correct coursework is being taken (including any foreign language requirements). For institution specific information, click here to access the FloridaShines website.

ALL courses must be completed with a minimum grade of "C".

Academic Pathways

The Academic Pathway is a tool for students that lists the following items:
  • the recommended order in which to take the program courses
  • suggested course when more than one option exists
  • which semester each course is typically offered
  • if the course has a prerequisite
  • courses that may lead to a certificate (if offered in the program)

Please verify the Academic Pathway lists your correct starting semester.

Program Leadership Information

Dr. Joseph Leopold
Dean, Communications

Florida CIP Code

1192401010 - ASSOCIATE IN ARTS

Federal CIP Code

24.0101 - Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies.

Earn you A.A. and bachelor's degrees at SPC

The American Sign Language Studies A.A. Transfer Plan prepares you to enter SPC's Educational Studies and Community Leadership with a subplan in Educational Interpreting.

American Sign Language Studies A.A. transfer plan