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You can trust the nursing education you receive at St. Petersburg College, where we have been training registered nurses for six decades.

SPC's College of Nursing offers nationally accredited nursing programs that give you sought-after skills that you can take anywhere. Our Associate in Science degree program trains you to become a Registered Nurse. Our Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is offered online and builds on your R.N. credential so you can take your career to the next level.

SPC's Nursing programs help meet the demands of the changing health care industry.

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The Simulation Center for Excellence in Nursing Education (SCENE) is a multi-million, dollar state-of-the-art simulation lab which provides a supportive environment in a realistic clinical setting for students to learn and master nursing skills. Located at the Health Education Center, the SCENE is a safe, non-threatening teaching/learning environment which fosters the development of the level of critical thinking essential for the professional nurse.

The area is comprised of four rooms, two of which are set up as our hospital ICU/ER simulation units. These rooms contain medium- and high-fidelity simulators which offer a wide age range from infants to adults and are capable of simulating various clinical scenarios. We have medium fidelity simulators capable of programmable heart sounds, lung sounds, bowel sounds, blood pressure and heart rhythms.

In addition we have high fidelity simulators with physiological appropriate responses to treatment interventions, including airway and oxygenation management, fluid administration, defibrillation and the administration of drugs. One SCENE room has four Laerdal VitalSim medium fidelity simulators (three adult and one infant) as well as one high fidelity CAE (Healthcare) Apollo. In the other SCENE room there are five high fidelity CAE simulators including one iSTAN, one Adult ECS, one PediaSim ECS, one BabySim, one Lucina Birthing simulator. Simulation is extended outside of the SCENE area to all nursing classrooms which are equipped with task trainers, static manikins, Laerdal VitalSims, and one additional CAE iStan.