Meet Angie Beltz McCourt

Angie Beltz McCourt

There's a reason that local and global companies hire our graduates. Our students have learned from the best, and they have the skills that employers want on the job.

To meet employer demand, SPC partners with companies to create a learning environment that helps students excel once they're in the workforce. Tech Data, one of the world's largest distributor of technology products, services and solutions, regularly seeks out and hires SPC graduates.

"I absolutely would recommend St. Petersburg College as a great place to start," said Angie Beltz McCourt, Vice President of Cisco Solutions at Tech Data, which has offices in Clearwater. "The people I've engaged with there are phenomenal. They are so open to really doing what is best for the student and creating an environment and an educational process that gives the student the tools that they are going to need when they get out into the workplace."

SPC works with industry leaders like Tech Data to develop curriculum that leads to a qualified workforce that will close the talent-skills gap in the Tampa Bay area. In the past few years, Tech Data has hired about 35 SPC grads.

"Some of these students have already seen multiple promotions," said McCourt. "St Petersburg College is always looking for ways to make it as beneficial as possible for students to get a degree and the education they need to be successful out in the workplace."

Name: Angie Beltz McCourt
Job Title: VP, Cisco Solutions Group
Employer: Tech Data