Meet Barry Shevlin

Barry Shevlin

St. Petersburg College's Computer and Information Technology programs prepare students to enter the workforce right after graduation, with local employers like Vology. Located in Oldsmar, Vology is in the business of reselling IT infrastructure products and services to customers in every state and 30 countries.

Vology's CEO Barry Shevlin believes that SPC is doing a great job for their students.

"The folks that are coming out with the CCNA degree - that experience aligns very well with a number of positions in our organization," Shevlin said. "Students can go in and get very specific education on whether it is Microsoft or Cisco."

Besides championing SPC's efforts for their IT students, Shevlin emphasizes that it's the specialized, manufacturing-focused education that works really well for information technology organizations like Vology. The quality of students from SPC attracts information technology industry leaders. SPC graduates are able to go directly into positions in local IT departments with confidence, and apply the experience and knowledge they gained at SPC.

Name: Barry Shevlin
Job Title: CEO
Employer: Vology