Fire and Public Safety Training Center

To be a firefighter, you have to know what you're getting into. That's where SPC's cutting-edge Fire and Public Safety Training Center comes in. Designed to simulate real-life emergencies, the training center is one of the most advanced in the state. All of the training begins with this most critical concept: keeping firefighters safe. Our training center is state credentialed and we teach classes that are approved by the Florida State Fire College.

Who we serve

  • SPC's Firefighting Academy students
  • Area firefighters taking specialized or re-certification courses 
  • Local fire rescue and law enforcement units conducting training
  • Pinellas County Hazardous Materials and Technical Rescue teams
  • Students taking National Fire Academy courses
  • Instructors and inspectors taking re-certification courses
  • Area businesses such as insurance companies who investigate arson
  • SPC students pursuing the Fire Science Technology A.S. degree 
  • Local high school students in public safety magnet programs

Fire Drill Tower
Built in 2004, the facility includes a seven-story fire drill tower that allows students and professionals to practice high-rise building rescue and survival techniques. Other training in this building includes:

  • An elevator shaft and car to simulate passenger rescue
  • A unique 300-foot "maze" that firefighters must traverse in full gear to illustrate rescue in confined spaces
  • Davits on the roof for hoisting tools, equipment and personnel
  • A lightning prediction unit and alert system that keeps training at the facility as safe as possible

Burn Building
The facility also houses a two-story "burn" building. Once a fire is activated in this building, instructors can safely evaluate students' performance through the windows of a thermally protected control room.

Forcible Entry and Ventilation Training
The center also has a forcible entry and ventilation building, which houses 42 different training opportunities and props. These include:

  • First and second floor door and window forcible entry props
  • Roof cutouts to illustrate fire ventilation and rescue
  • Removable stair sections to illustrate compromised building infrastructure
  • A collection of commercial and residential lock systems that firefighters will see in the field
  • A "tunnel" of hanging electrical and other hazards that can hamper a firefighter's ability to move through a structure


SPC's Fire Training Center is located at 5005 126th Ave. N, Clearwater, FL 33760