Share your expertise by serving on an Advisory Committee at SPC

Are you an expert in your field? Do you keep up with the latest developments and trends in your industry?

Lend your experience to St. Petersburg College on one of our advisory committees, which help shape college programs and curriculum to support workforce and business needs. As a member of an SPC advisory committee, you help the college provide the training that employers are looking for so that students get the right skills they need for the workplace.

SPC Advisory Committee Member Mayra Harley, Reservec, Inc.

SPC Advisory Committee Member Chris Paul, Melitta North America

Welcome from Dr. Tonjua Williams, SPC President

At St. Petersburg College, we are committed to serving our students and our communities by offering academic degrees, certificates and certifications that are aligned with workforce demands. This ensures our students and graduates are career ready and well equipped to meet the needs of local employers.

That mission includes the creation of Advisory Committees comprised of SPC faculty and staff, employers, professional groups, governmental agencies, and others who work together to make sure our programs are relevant to today's ever evolving employment needs.

SPC's Advisory Committee members - representing more than 500 companies - analyze occupational needs and trends, inform program and certification offerings, and often provide internships and job opportunities. I want to welcome you to our Advisory Committee community, which is dedicated to ensuring that SPC's curriculum, training and program offerings create a pipeline of skilled employees ready to fill critical positions in our local workforce. Your work is vitally important to our students, our communities and the economic health of our entire region. Thank you for your service.

Dr. Tonjua Williams
SPC President

Chris Paul

Help shape the next generation of workers

"Quite honestly, I see it as a professional responsibility. I mean you’ve learned things. You now have skills and experiences that you can use to guide students in their own career paths."

Chris Paul, Manager of Information Systems for Melitta North America

Your experience is invaluable

"The opportunity to give back to the community is far and beyond the most gratifying feeling that you get out of serving on an advisory committee."

Mayra Harley, CEO of Reservec, Inc.

Role of Advisory Committee members at SPC

Advisory Committees at St. Petersburg College assist with aligning education and industry by:

  • Assessing how each program meets the current occupational needs of employers
  • Reviewing and making recommendations on program curriculum, industry certifications and equipment purchases.
  • Providing input to help prepare students for work in their chosen field
  • Expanding and enhancing St. Petersburg College's reputation in the community by fostering positive community relationships
  • Assisting in recruiting, providing internships and placing qualified graduates in appropriate jobs

As an advisory committee member, you can:

  • Share your industry's current and future occupational training needs
  • Review program curriculum, industry certifications, equipment, facilities and student performance
  • Be a wise and trusted mentor to a student
  • Participate in events on campus to hire SPC students
  • Participate as an industry speaker
  • Offer apprenticeships in targeted fields
  • Open your business to student tours
  • Offer student internships
  • Foster community relations
  • Participate in exploratory labs
  • Participate in mock interviews