Flexible Class Options for all learning styles

SPC offers course formats to fit your life, allowing you to select the best options for you. These course formats include face-to-face, online, LIVE online and blended. Our campus and LIVE online courses meet at scheduled times, while others are self-paced with weekly milestones.


face to face classes Like learning in a classroom with your peers? Want to see your professor in person? Face-to-face classes are held on our campuses and give you the traditional college experience.

  • Held in a physical classroom at scheduled times
  • Internet may be needed to access course materials




online classes

Need to learn on your own time? Online classes do not require real-time interactions and are ideal for students who need a flexible schedule and like to work independently.

  • Pre-recorded lectures with online interaction through discussion boards or emails
  • No scheduled class times
  • Internet access required for all course access *

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LIVE Online classes Can’t come to a campus but still want to learn in a live classroom setting? With LIVE Online courses, you get a real-time classroom experience without leaving your home. You can ask questions, participate in discussions and get feedback immediately.

  • Lectures and course discussions are streamed through the video conferencing tool Zoom
  • Personal, real-time contact with peers and professors
  • Classes meet online at specific times; attendance required
  • Internet access required for all course access *

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Blended courses

Blended courses combine our face-to-face and online learning modes. These courses are best for students who want the benefits of both online learning and campus visits.

  • Instruction both in the classroom and online
  • Classes meet on a set schedule; coursework completed online
  • Internet access required for some course access

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independent study

These courses offer supervised, practical learning experiences such as internships and music lessons. These classes are designed for students in specific programs.

  • Courses include capstone, research, work experience and applied music
  • Classes may not meet at specific times

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independent study

These courses provide the "flexibility" to attend class in person while accessing course materials online. All work can be completed either in class or online. It’s up to you!

  • Classes available on campus; attendance not required
  • Face-to-face classes meet at specific times

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* Distance learning fee assessed.

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