Become a police or corrections officer in Florida

Our Equivalency of Training Academy is for out-of-state officers, federal officers, military personnel and previously certified Florida officers with a break of service of more than four years. (See Florida Statutes 943.131(2) and Florida Administrative Code 11B-35.009(4)(5).) This EOT Academy exempts you from having to complete the full basic recruit academy and qualifies you to sit for the Florida State Officer Certification Examination (SOCE).

If you are granted an exemption from basic recruit training through the Police Applicant Screening Service, you will need to complete the required proficiency and achieve a passing score on the SOCE within one year of receiving your exemption. If you don't meet the requirements, you will need to complete an approved basic recruit training program, which can last 16 to 22 weeks. You may be eligible for an exemption from the full basic training requirements if you were an officer in another state or with the federal government and meet the following requirements:

  • You worked at least one year, full time as a sworn officer in the discipline you are seeking exemption
  • You received training in that discipline comparable to Florida's full basic recruit curriculum and/or
  • You were previously certified as an officer in Florida

Your break of service break can be no more than eight years to qualify. A break in employment is measured from the separation date of the most recent qualifying employment to the time a complete application requesting an exemption from training is submitted.

This academic program prepares you for the following careers. All job data is provided by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Police and Sheriff's Patrol Officers

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What's covered in the EOT academy

The seven-day Equivalency of Training Academy consists of 49 hours in law enforcement training; 41 hours in corrections training. The academy is not intended for basic instruction, but for the experienced criminal justice veteran to prove proficiency in the following high liability skills:

  • First Responder (8 hours)
  • Firearms (15 hours)
  • Defensive Tactics (8 hours)
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations (8 hours - for law enforcement only)
  • Includes state exam review (8 hours)

Total hours of instruction can vary.

Upcoming Academies


EOT 149
February 12-19, 2024

EOT 150
April 8-15, 2024

EOT 151
May 13-20, 2024

EOT 152
June 24 - July 1, 2024

EOT 153
August 12-19, 2024

EOT 154
September 9-16, 2024

EOT 155
October 14-21, 2024

Law Enforcement EOT Academy cost

49 hours

Corrections EOT Academy cost

41 hours

Admission Requirements for EOT Academy

Find out how to apply to this academy.


Successfully completing the EOT courses qualifies you to sit for the Florida State Officer Certification Examination (SOCE), required to become an officer. You are given three opportunities to pass. If you do not pass after three attempts, you must complete the applicable Basic Recruit Training Program and reapply to take the State Officer Certification Examination.

The SOCE is derived from the Law Enforcement or Corrections Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Basic Recruit Curriculum. The comprehensive multiple choice test consists of 200 questions for both Law Enforcement and Corrections. The exam is given once a month at several locations throughout the state. SPC's EOT program does not cover all areas of the curriculum tested on the SOCE. Therefore, you will need to study the curriculum on your own to prepare for the SOCE.


Paul Althoff, Coordinator

Jamie Ryan