Candidates for Graduation

You will be notified if you are a candidate for graduation at your SPC email address approximately 4-6 weeks after the term begins. If you do not receive a notification and think you should graduate at the end of the term, please contact your academic advisor who can perform a graduation check with you.

Graduating from SPC
Graduation means you have officially and successfully completed all of your degree requirements that will be recorded on your official transcript. You do not need to apply for graduation. If you are enrolled for the term, you are automatically evaluated for the program you are currently pursuing and any degree or certificate embedded within that program.

Our Admissions and Records office will certify all graduation requirements are satisfied and officially confer your degree after final grades are verified at the end of the term. Degrees and certificates are normally posted to transcripts within 10 business days after the term ends.

Final responsibility for meeting graduation requirements rests with you, the student. It is highly recommended you meet with your advisor prior to your last semester and review your records to ensure all graduation requirements will be met. To review your progress, login to the Titan Hub to access MySPC. Click on My Academics to view your Academic Progress Summary.

NOTE: All communication regarding graduation and commencement is sent to your MySPC email account. Be sure to check your SPC email frequently for updates.

Graduation Honors
The College gives special recognition to students who demonstrate outstanding academic performance while working toward an associate or bachelor’s degree. Honors distinction is based on your final Combined Cumulative GPA; not your SPC Cum GPA or Transfer Cum GPA. Certificates are not eligible for honor distinction.

Associate 3.3 - 3.49 Honors
Associate & Bachelor's 3.5 - 3.69 Cum Laude (with Honors)
3.7 - 3.89 Magna Cum Laude (with High Honors)
3.9 - 4.0 Summa Cum Laude (with Highest Honors)

Students graduating with Honors are recognized in the Commencement program and the honors distinction will be shown on your diploma and final transcript.

You can request your official transcript by accessing MySPC through the Titan Hub or visiting the Transcript Ordering Center.

If you are ordering your transcript prior to the last day of the term, you may select “Hold for Degree”. These requests will be released 30 days after the end of the term. Otherwise check your unofficial transcript and verify your degree has been posted before you request your transcript.

Transcript fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. It is your responsibility to review your record before ordering.

Send questions about ordering transcripts to

Your diploma will be sent to the Permanent Address listed in MySPC under Personal Information. Please verify it is correct. If your address has changed, update your record. If you wish to have your diploma sent to a different address, you may add a separate Diploma Address to your record. Due to the size and shape of the envelope, do not use a P.O. Box.

Your diploma will reflect the name listed in MySPC under Personal Information. If you wish to have your middle name or initial included add a separate Diploma Name to your record.

If you have had a legal name change, submit a Record Change Request to Admissions and Records along with a copy of your driver's license, marriage certificate, divorce decree, Social Security card or a legal document reflecting your new name.

Updates to your address or name must be made prior to the last day of the term to ensure timely delivery of your diploma. Diplomas are sent out 4-6 weeks after the end of the term.

There is a $15 fee for duplicate or replacement diplomas.

Reverse Transfer
This is a unique process of awarding an Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree retroactively to SPC students who transferred to a four-year institution before completing the A.A. Reverse transfer allows you to combine the credits you have earned at your current school with those you previously earned at SPC and retroactively be awarded an Associate of Arts degree.

If you are a prior SPC student who earned 30 or more credits hours towards an A.A. degree while enrolled at the college, you may qualify for Reverse Transfer. To have the A.A. awarded, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Left SPC in good academic standing
  • Currently enrolled at a four-year institution
  • Have completed a minimum of 60 credit hours at all colleges attended
  • Have not yet earned a bachelor’s degree
  • Satisfied the Florida Civic Literacy requirement
  • Completed two years of foreign language in high school or a minimum of 6 credits of in college. Courses taken must be sequential and in the same language.

Having your A.A. degree awarded through Reverse Transfer gives you a recognized and meaningful credential which immediately increases your ability to get a job and for earning a raise. Completing an associate degree can yield significantly more pay than entering college and not earning a degree. Additionally, research has shown you are more likely to persist and complete your bachelor’s degree if you have already earned a degree.

Send an email to for further information.