Let the professionals in our financial aid office help you sort out the options of paying for a quality education now - with less debt after you graduate. To qualify for grants, student employment, loans and some scholarships, apply for Financial Aid.


Grants are awarded by federal, state and institutional sources and do not have to be repaid. They are based on financial need. St. Petersburg College offers federal Pell Grants, in-state grants and other grants.


Scholarships can reward you for academic excellence, talent and achievement. They are not always based on financial need and they don't need to be repaid.

Student Employment

Student employment can really pay off and is an important source of financial aid. Opportunities are available at campus sites year round, but you'll need to apply early to grab the post you want.


College loans are another way to finance your college education. But because they have to be paid back, we encourage you to exhaust all other options first and only borrow what you need.

Other Ways to Pay for College

SPC offers an interest-free payment plan, tuition waivers and other ways to earn credit toward your degree.